Hi there. I’m Eric Mills. I work to change the world by teaching students how to view it with a more critical eye. I edit life.

I teach a variety of high school and college courses that focus on history, storytelling, race, and gender. I formerly served on the board of directors for City Park Jazz where I initiated the student pre-show by advocating for the inclusion of student performers in the concert series. I also reported audience stories a la “Humans of NY” for various social media channels. Currently, I am working toward a Ph.D. in Literary Studies at the University of Denver where I am researching temporal and spatial representations in the twentieth-century American novel. Back in the day, I founded the web presence for Great Education Colorado (where I was instrumental in mapping the school stories project, of which I am immensely proud), Colorado PTA, and other Colorado non-profits.

Many more moons ago I designed ESL curricula for Wuhan Textile University in China, and, together with my team, built the prototype for DexKnows.

Here is a large photo of my cat, which should open in a new tab/window, only because you didn’t ask for it. You’re welcome. Feel free get in touch.